Sunday, July 13, 2008

Strong Till All Nine Disappear

In other words STAND.

STAND, which was chosen by the members of the Anti-SNSD Group@crunchyroll, is the official name of the anti-SNSD club.

This is a list of places on the net where you can encounter countless STANDers:

The First International Anti-SNSD Forum
~The forum was just recently created but the number of registered members here have been increasing daily.

Welcome To Anti-SNSD Fanclub III
~This is a topic in the ShenYuePop! Forums. It was created on June 22, 2008 and now has 41 pages as of today (July 13, 2008). Of course, it gets more as the days pass.

~This is the cruncyroll group. I am an avid contributor to this group. This is where "STAND" was created. This is where STAND evolved. Members increase everyday.

~ This is a YouTube account created by the members of the crunchyroll group. You can watch a lot of funny parodies, varying from Wonder Girls to SHINee to Super Junior. More parodies are making their way to the net through STANDsubs and its contributors. STANDsubs represents all the antis.

String Till All Nine Disappear
~ This is another Blogger blog that I believe was just created today. It doesn't have anything on it yet for it is still in the works.

Of course there are more STAND places, these are just the ones I visit on a regular basis.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Antis vs Fans

I must seriously address this issue.

First of all, What's the difference between the 2 anyway? The other hates the other loves? Wrong my friend. Both sides hate.

Fans keep on telling Antis "Get a life!". Fans should seriously get a life too. If they had a "life", why would they be wasting their "life" by going infront of an anti's way? I am an anti and I must admit to you, we both (antis and fans) don't have lives.

Anti's aren't mean. No one in the world is nice. We all hate something, and that includes people. Just cause we hate something/someone you like doesn't give the right for you to call us degraded people. Some people talk about how horrible JPop is (I quite love JPop.) but I don't see any JPop fans emailing KPop fans "You fucking bitch! JPop is the best it's better than that shitty KPop you listen too."

Everyone has their own opinions. If you don't know what opinion means then here it is: a person's ideas and thoughts towards something.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the hate -- too strong a word??


Hate is such a strong word but hardly strong enough to describe what anti-SNSD's feel towards the group who call themselves "Girls' Generation", when everything from their very existence to their attitude shouts out "Sluts' Generation".

Recently, certain circumstances have roused the attention of anti-SNSD's (more over, their loathing) and believe me when I say that it's because of SNSD themselves and their fans. This should be made clear since most SoShi fans claim that our being Cassiopeian, ELF, or Triple S is our reason for hating SNSD. Gawd, how misconstrued can you get?

As I believe, a group's name's meaning should be truly embodied by the group members. From this, Girls' Generation should be showing the talents of the modern girl youth -- NOT underwear, skimpy outfits, and tactlessness/rudeness. I believe that while the modern world dictates that girls/women become more liberal in action and words, RESPECT should still be showed not only for other people, but also for YOURSELF.

Respect -- SoShi fans need to learn this concept.

1st: Fanboys should remain fanboys. Not perverts who thrive on the femininity of their idol group. Just days ago, I saw this picture of their fanboys with the caption, "We stole their underwear". Holy damn. Now, if the fans dont respect the idols themselves, how can they expect that anti's would do the same?

2nd: The neverending issue on the Dream Concert 2008. The Cass, ELF's, and Triple S' (among others) merely shut their lights off to show that they do not support SNSD. Obviously, they showed their opinion in a non-violent way but SoShi's just had to bully, hurt, and stab other fans, not to mention RIP other people's banners. Now, was that reasonable?

3rd: As I've said before, Anti's have the same right to exist as fans have the right to support their idol group. True, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistake, but while fans can tolerate SNSD's attitude, we simply cannot. Constructive criticism is out of question since they're just too annoying to be criticized constructively. It's just a matter of preference so deal with it SoShi's.

To end this blog, I'll feature one of's article titled "Father SM should wash Girls' Generations' mouths with soap" [and i just love this article! ^^~]

Everyone hates SNSD, and anyone can see why. In a short span of time, the snooty and disrespectful girls have managed to make fun of everyone under the kpop sun. The growing list of victims includes DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, Tablo, SS501, The Wondergirls, SES, Shinhwa, and Kim Ji Suk.

While none of the targeted stars were distressed about SNSD’s snipe remarks, the offended, hypersensitive fans of these targeted stars all got ants in their pants and decided to take measures in their own hands, cumulating in chaotic and violent events at the recent Dream Concert. During the SNSD performance, the audience stopped cheering and turned off their glowsticks. This led to SNSD male fans ripping Super Junior posters, beating up other fans, and threatening to physically harm some boy band members.

SNSD has situated themselves in a rather unfavorable position. To avoid any further damages, Father SM should really just tape Tiffany, Tae Yeon, and Jessica’s mouths shut. It’s not like they were contributing much to singing anyway.

Apology My Ass

To: Everyone who loves SNSD

Hello….This is SNSD.

This is the first time leaving a message on our homepage…We should have
greeted you earlier…TT TT

Since our debut…for the past 10 months…we received your abundant love, and
worked hard and actively promoted till now. We believe that we were able to
receive this big love due to the cheers from those who love us.

In retrospect, weren’t there a lot happy memories?^^Our long awaited and
dreamed of debut stage…the first fan meeting of our lives, after our first stage
performance…the moment we broke down in tears after winning 1st place on a music
program for the first time…winning the new artist award that we envied during
our trainee days as other senior artists won them TT TT .. Starting with ‘Into
the New World’, ‘Kissing You’, ‘Baby Baby’ until now..^^ Because we received so
much love, we remained joyful despite our busy schedules.

For everyone who gave these gifts of wonderful memories, our…fans, thank

The past 10 months that we have ran without rest have remained as memories
that we cherish…but looking back, there were moments that we regret…These
regretful moments have made us more mature and come to many realizations..our
inappropriate speech and behavior, misuse of informal speech on broadcast - we
would like to send our sincere apologies to everyone who was inflicted with
scars by these incidents. In the future, SNSD will be more careful in our speech
and behavior.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who have believed in us and loved
us..For all our fans who cheer for us anytime and anywhere, holding those pink
heart balloons..We don’t think we can find any words that can express our deep
gratitude..To express our hearts..With more effort! With all our hearts! We will

We are currently preparing to come back with a new image.In order to give
back to everyone who have shown their unchanging love for us, we are studying
harder, and putting in more effort..please look forward to us~

Always stay healthy and happy!^^<3

Credits: SYP!

Translation Credit: soyboy@SYP!

First of all, this letter is a bunch of bull.

If you actually think that SNSD members sat around in a circle writing down sentences on a piece of paper together so they can "apologise" on the homepage then you are officially stupid.

SNSD didn't write this. Some SM Ent. rep most probably did.

They don't care about taking responsibility, they just apologise cause they were told to.

They were never sincere about writing this letter, what would be sincere? Them writing 9 different letters addressing their faults. Or, apologising in pubic. Hold a press conference, will ya? Oh wait, a press conference will be useless too cause they'll just act like they're sincere.

This letter was never and it will never be addressed to the people who don't like them. "To: Everyone who loves SNSD" And may I add that the whole thing is addressed to their die-hard psychotic fanboys... "loves"

And what's with this "new image"? Is it cute and no clothes now?

They're just trying to get the trust of the other FC who ditched them in the Dream Concert, once that's done... They'll be back to the arrogant, self-centered bitches that they are.

And why a letter ONLY after the Dream Concert? Why put it on their homepage? It's not like people who don't like them will actually waste their time and go to their website. There are newspapers you know.

This letter is FAKE! They don't care. They don't even respect their seniors.

I'll just say it again... You are officially stupid if you believe this letter. And whoever wrote this letter is EVEN dumber.